CTE/Pro One Video 1



Setting the standard for professional aiming

DVD 1 is NOT a prerequisite for DVD 2! 

DVD 1 was a best-seller for 3 years and is still available in an extremely limited quantity.  Do not miss out your opportunity to own this highly collectable, first-ever comprehensive work on Center To Edge Aiming.  DVD 1 remains on sale for exactly the same price as DVD 2.   

How to order:
If you are only ordering DVD 1, go to the ordering section and proceed with a typical order for DVD 2 BUT (this is extremely important) place a NOTE in the NOTE SECTION of your PayPal order that this payment is actually for DVD 1, Stan's first work

If you would like to order DVD 1 AND DVD 2 and have them shipped in the same package, follow these directions:

1.  Place a single order for DVD 2 according to your proper pricing (KY residents only, USA, or International) 2.  So that you do not pay double shipping and handling, send $39.00 for DVD 1 to my PayPal account stanshuffett@justcueit.com **For this option, these transactions must occur on the same day, preferrably witin the same hour to insure your reduced shipping cost.


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