DVD 2 The Final Chapter

"WOW! WOW!  VERY, VERY IMPRESSIVE!   What a great video.  For me it (Stan's new 2-set DVD)
helps to explain many of the things that I have experienced over the last year trying to understand and
perfect my use of CTE Pro One.  I am at a new level of “break-through” and look forward to
getting better this year."  --Emery Dupuis

"There is ZERO question that CTE PRO ONE not only works, it works at such an insane level,
it just wasn't meant to be."  --Dave Segal, azbilliards.com

"DVD 2 The Final Chapter, is a complete CTE course from beginning to end.  Super detailed!"  --Dave Segal, FaceBook

"I think this DVD The Final Chapter, Aiming in a New Dimension, will be legendary."  --John Barton, azbilliards.com

"The chapter on spin and banking alone are worth the price of the DVD."--Mark Craney

"The perception information--15, 30, and 45-- is indeed revolutionary."  Phoung Le



JustCueIt Instructional Testimonials

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